Abano Terme

Abano Terme
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A successful location (40 km from Venice), magnificent nature and climate, thermal waters and mud made Abano a unique place for rest and recovery of well-being. Abano Terme is surrounded by greenery of a natural park, with a total area of ​​19,000 hectares, in which a lot of rare plants and trees grow, monuments of architecture and art are located. Famous people of different times visited Abano and wrote about him: Shakespeare and Mozart, Lord Byron and Goethe, Petrarch and Giacomo Leopardi; There were kings and politicians, famous actors and athletes. The legend tells that Abano was founded by the Greek hero Hercules, who after living in Spain settled among these hills. Hence the name Abano, which in Greek means “without suffering.” During the Roman rule, the most important cities of the region were founded. The majestic remnants of the ancient genius surround us today: aqueducts, ancient temples, patrician villas, mural paintings and numerous burials left from those times. Ancient Roman poet Claudiano, author of “Panegirica,” mentions the Termas of Abano in his work. By the Middle Ages are numerous castles and monasteries, many of which are still the residence of religious communities. Among them: Benedictine Abbey in the city of Pralaya, the hermit monastery of Mount Rua, the monastery on Mount Madonna, the monastery of San Daniele. Magnificent Venetian villas – masterpieces of world architecture – belong to the period of the reign of the Venetian Republic. At that time extensive works on soil reclamation were carried out on the Euganean Hills, which enabled them to be used in agriculture. The muds of Abano are a mixture of natural clay, originating from erupting igneous rocks, thermal water, algae and microorganisms. To obtain clay mass with unique healing properties, a so-called “maturation of mud” process is needed, which takes place in special baths with flowing thermal water and lasts several months. In the process of “ripening”, dirt becomes a unique pharmacological product that can exert an important therapeutic effect on the human body: anti-inflammatory and healing, analgesic and analgesic, relaxing and restoring vitality, detoxification and restoring mineral balance. Traditionally, thermal treatments consist of taking thermal baths, applying mud compresses, taking ozone baths that enhance the effect of mud, traditional massages and whirlpools, inhalations and aesthetic procedures. Thermal waters and muds of Abano have a specific effect in the treatment and prevention of arthrosis, locomotor system diseases, rheumatism, respiratory system diseases, chronic rhinitis, adenoids, and also promote the regulation of metabolism.
The great importance of Abano’s natural resources in restoring physical and mental form, in giving the face and body beauty and health.
The thermal waters of Abano have a geothermal origin. Their chemical composition is dominated by salts of bromine and iodine. Rain water, gathering in the foothills of the Alps, passes through the soil of volcanic origin, reaching a depth of 2500 – 3000 meters, gradually heating up and enriching with mineral salts. Water takes more than 50 years to overcome the distance of 70 – 100 km separating the foothills of the Alps from the Euganean Hills, and then it quickly returns to the surface, keeping the heat almost constant (75 – 87 degrees Celsius) and its healing properties. The chemical composition of the thermal water and its temperature also play an important role in the unique effect of mud on the human body. Water contributes to the development of a particular plant microflora and microorganisms, formed during the maturation of mud, unique in its characteristics, which have become the defining therapeutic elements of the thermal zone of the Euganean Hills. Having chosen this charming city with a unique atmosphere for your holidays, you will have a truly unforgettable vacation. Staying in this exclusive resort will allow you to not only find the perfect physical form, get rid of stress, relax your body and soul, but also, thanks to the successful location of the luxury SPA hotels of GB Therme Hotels, discover Italy rich in natural and historical monuments.
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