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Bologna is a city that has survived as a “medieval city”. The city of Bologna is known as the culinary center of Italy. In this regard, the city acquired the nickname: “Bologna fat woman”. The signature dish is “Bolognese sauce”. Many gourmets come there to taste the famous local delicacies: pasta (tortellini, tagliatelle), parmesan cheese, stuffed pork leg “zampon”, chopped veal in Bolognese, Parma ham, and also mortadella – incomparable Bolognese sausage. Our services GlobalTransfer offers not only a transfer airport Bologna – hotel. If desired, the shuttle service to Bologna may include a stop at the famous restaurants and cafes, which Bologna is famous for. Ancient buildings, beautiful monuments of architecture, cheerful and cheerful people, buildings dotted with red roofs, exquisite cooking, this city definitely will not leave you indifferent.
In Bologna is one of the oldest and most respected universities in Europe. The University of Bologna has been leading its history since 1088. In the distant past, he studied Dante, Petrarch, Copernicus and other famous personalities. As a result, the city is endowed with an interest in art and culture. On the streets of the city you can often meet students, especially in the evenings in cafes, bars, squares of the city. It is noteworthy that in the city you will see a lot of theaters, museums, concert halls and art exhibitions. You can always relax for an interesting theatrical performance. Therefore, the city is often called: “Bologna scholar.”
The most famous symbol of Bologna is the two towers: Azinelli and Garizenda. They have a famous name: “Falling Towers”. They were built in the 12th century, as the legend says, the towers were erected by two families of aristocrats, competing with each other. On the walls of the tower you can see a marble plaque with words written on it from the work of Dante. The tower of Azinelli is 97 m, it continues to bend and now, with it you will have a beautiful view of the whole city. Having overcome 498 steps, you can understand what the third name is related to: “Bologna red”. Interestingly, during the Second World War, people went up to Azinella to use the tower as an observation post. The tower of Garisend reaches half the height of its neighbor and is tilted even more. Now only Azinella is open for tourists. Transfer Bologna offers a shopping tour and a sightseeing tour with visits to the following attractions: “Leaning Towers”, St. Petronius Cathedral, to the main art gallery of Bologna – Pinacoteca Nazionale, etc.
It is noteworthy that in Bologna it is very convenient and pleasant to move on foot, in any weather, since all the sidewalks are the famous pedestrian galleries, which is the highlight of the city. You will be able to notice the purity of this city, because there it is very closely watched. Once there was even a law according to which it was forbidden to pollute a fountain, offenders expected 50 blows with a whip. The city of Bologna is less visited by tourists than other cities such as Rome, Venice and Florence. Therefore, you can safely rest from the bustle.
Several useful pickups:
Transfer to Cremeria Scirocco (Via Agostino Barelli, 1) is one of the most popular ice cream shops in Bologna. Ice cream is prepared in a cafe and you can watch the process of its preparation. For people with lactose intolerance, you can order specially prepared ice cream in this cafe. This cafe is not quite in the center, but it’s definitely worth a stroll. This cafe is open until 23:30.
Transfer to Le Petit Cafè (Strada Maggiore, 25 / d) – the cafe offers excellent coffee and pastries, as well as a good menu with simple dishes, such as sandwiches and soups. Great place for late breakfast and lunch. Coffeemans are also here. What sort of varieties are there? The cafe is open from 7 am to 8 pm every day, except Sundays.
Transfer to I Matti Della Polenta (Via Sant’Isaia, 84) – an excellent choice for thrifty visitors. The restaurant offers dishes with polenta (cornmeal porridge) and on its basis, such as crechetine (fried cakes), tortillas tigella and much more. There are many local people here.
Transfer to Trattoria Serghei (Via Piella, 12) – near the university. Try here homemade pasta with different sauces. Trattoria boasts a charming and cozy atmosphere. Dishes are very diverse – from ravioli with pumpkin to tortellini in broth. You can try and rabbit, and pork rulku, and other goodies. Plus an excellent choice of desserts and local wines. The restaurant is closed on weekends.
Transfer to Trattoria del rosso (Via A. Righi 30) – this restaurant is located in the heart of historic Bologna. It serves dishes from different types of meat, vegetables, wine. There are good vegetarian dishes, different noodles, ravioli, lasagna, gnocchi, and much more. Excellent family restaurant, where you can eat 10 euros.

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