Excursions on yacht


Traveling by yacht is a chapel of romantic dreams and exciting event for the curious people. In

anticipation of such a journey imagine paradise on earth, and then you can not express the

emotions. It is an unbeatable combination of comfort, relaxation and harmony. This service is a

luxury. You will meet a representative of the company, and a porter, who will help you with

your luggage from the airport to the place of landing. The ride itself by water taxi – it’s an

adventure! Are you dreaming to go on a voyage with family, friends or colleagues, and yacht

previously seen only in the movies? Are you an experienced sailor, ready to take control of the

ship during the rest of the sea by yourself, and want to learn a new route? Or prefer yachting

tourism-speed races on catamarans? We offer a variety of scenarios in order to clearly and

usefully rest. You can only choose your option pastime on a yacht and go on a journey toward

the sea expanses. The team of guides will make your journey useful, and will give you

opportunity to learn something new.

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