Group transfer


Group transfer

This type of transfer involves comfortable moving to the right place. It is ideal for a family or a

company, which have come somewhere to have a rest. The big advantage is privacy. After all,

you do not go with the company of strangers. If you come with a company, you do not have to

share and to call several taxis. The only thing you need is to order the transfer and choose a

vehicle. This may be a minivan or a bus for you and those who are with you. Groups of 4 people

can book a minivan or a roomy car. After all, waiting until several taxis are parked, can be long,

and the clock of a blissful vacation is ticking! This option is also very economical. You do not

need to book several cars. Accordingly, such a service would be cheaper. You can select the

type of a car, capacity luggage. If you come on vacation with your family, we recommend you a

group transfer. You will not have to worry about the children and luggage. You will not think

about how to get to your place and bring things. You may be sure that we will bring you right to

the doorstep of the hotel. The road will be the shortest, safe and comfortable. We will try to

shorten the trip so that the road will not weary you and you will be able to enjoy your holiday

as soon as possible.

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