Individual transfer


This type of the transfer involves the maximal comfortable movement to your destination. It

means that you are ready for one seat and the individual vehicle. Qualified and friendly drivers

will be happy to deliver you to the right place. They will certainly provide you with a safe and

comfortable way. You will immediately find yourself in anticipation of the upcoming holiday.

You will be taken from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport. This is a very

comfortable way to travel, because you may choose the type, grade and capacity of the vehicle

by yourself. The car is ordered only for you. You are greeted at the exit from the waiting area of

the airport and taken to the hotel by the shortest route. This service will save you from

worrying about the any troubles that can happen on the way. Variety of the selection also

impressives. After all, you can choose a car of economy class or of a luxury brand. Vacation time

is limited and you do not want to spend it for finding a car or for thinking about your way. We

will do it for you and will help you to save time of the rest and to receive the highly qualified

service. If you are very tired after the flight or simply do not want to stand in long lines in order

to select a taxi or to wait a bus for some hours, we recommend you to use the services of an

individual transfer, then you provide comfort on the road and the quickest rest!